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Sell your listing faster with CRK Aero drone photography

Do you want to sell properties faster and gain more listings? Drones generate alluring photos that will differentiate your property listings from the competition. The CRK Aero team helps you showcase your real estate in a compelling way, giving your potential buyers a unique view of their property and neighborhood.

The CRK Aero Team Helps You Capture and Highlight:

FAA Certified Pilots

Registered & Insured

Veteran Owned Business


  • Create Your Order

    Select the package(s) that suit your needs and input property information and other required data on the order form.

  • Determine Timeline

    We try to take the photos between 1 and 3 days, but weather is the primary factor that usually determines the schedule.

  • Fly

    We execute the mission.  The size of the property will determine the flight duration, but  time spent on site will usually be between 30 minutes to an hour.

  • Data Processing

    Photo enhancement will take place, as well as minimal video organization (If purchased)  Processing time will vary with different packages, but will be delivered within one to three days. Products will be easily downloaded from a provided link.


Basic Package


5-7 Aerial photos of the exterior of the home and property from various angles to use with your MLS, Airbnb, or VRBO Listing. Includes Nadir image (top-down ) view

** For homes less than 5000 square feet, and less than 2 acres of land

Premium Package


10–12 Aerial Photos of the exterior of your home and property, as well as the surrounding neighborhood, from various vantage points to use with your MLS or Airbnb/VRBO property listing

** For homes more than 5000 square feet, and/or more than 2 acres of land

Additional Options

Property Line Highlight


Highlight the parcel boundary with a line or shading

360 Panorama


360 degree photo taken from above the property will provide a unique view of the surrounding area.



two-minutes of unedited 4k video. 6 – 8 scenes showcasing different points of view.  Easily integrated into your final video.

Licensing Options

Commercial Use (included)

This license grants you the right to use any of the final photos and video for the liftime of the listing (Realtors) or for as long as you own the property (Airbnb/VRBO)

* Excludes original photos and video

* CRK Aero owns the original copyright and reserves the right to use the photos for marketing and promotion of its business 

Exclusive Copyright


This license option grants you exclusive copywrite to all photos and video for any use.

* includes original data files 

Scheduling and Cancellation Policy

All flight requests are subject to the following: 1. Federal Airspace Restrictions, 2. Scheduling Availability, and 3. Weather. CRK Aero LLC will make every attempt to accommodate your preferred flight date/window, but, in the unlikely event we can’t.  We’ll let you know right away (usually within 48hrs), if either FAA waivers or schedule conflicts with your requested dates and/or flight location. If so, we’ll work to promptly reschedule or issue a full refund, whichever you prefer.

Should weather present a cause for concern, we will alert you in the days leading up to your scheduled flight as part of our pre-flight communications. Weather-related flight cancelations receive priority rebooking, and are not eligible for refunds. The on-site Pilot in Command (PIC) is the final authority on all flight matters, and has the final say regarding day-of weather related delays and cancellations.




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